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Danish Summer House
Danish Summer House

Sitting on the edge of a Danish fjord, this see-through contemporary summer house makes the most of the light with a spacious open design. The rear garden backs on to an access road, with a garage of similar style.

The Brief:
Keep the slope, no steps; use the same vertical cedar batons for any fencing; keep it very minimal, giving space for the Chinese client’s furniture and art. Create a courtyard that is private, without total enclosure.

The Design:
Using the same batons that clad the house, we had a series of short runs of 2 m high fencing on one side, added planting for extra screening. On the other side we had a continuous baton run at the same height as the house cladding, this gave a solid link between the two buildings and the impression one build, with an internal courtyard. We use imported Vietnamese clay tiles and coloured gravel on the planting beds.

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