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Aylwin produced a marvellous design for our garden, including both hard landscaping to deal with a sloping site and a planting plan that is still delivering delight eight years later. His design has been low – maintenance, yet luscious, given us colour and interest in all seasons and he has been with us every step of the way from finding us contractors through to providing the day-to-day expertise and practical hands on help to develop the garden.

Mr & Mrs Fenton
Epsom, Surrey

We were so pleased with the transformation of our front garden by “Beyond the Borders” that we had no hesitation a couple of years later in inviting Aylwin Nissen to weave his magic on our back garden too!

We’d give him top marks across the board – understanding and interpreting our requirements; beautiful designs; total mastery of the technical aspects including a detailed specification for tendering and complying with building regulations; liaising with the landscapers; managing the project. Aylwin is a man of integrity and very pleasant to work with. And we love the gardens.

Mr & Mrs Harvey
Epsom, Surrey

Working with Beyond the Borders over a 7 year period to create a stunning landscape for our ancient mill home has been a journey of collaboration and discovery. Working closely with Aylwin and Nicky, they designed and landscaped core elements of our garden creating a harmonious space encompassing the ancient oaks, renovated ponds, delightful brook, and a bog and woodland garden. We recommend Beyond the Borders highly… [read more] Beyond the Borders came up first with an inventory of our extensive , mature trees and catalogued them and suggested a conservation plan that opened up and protected the majestic oaks and exposed areas of the garden that had become ignored. We then agreed a plan that was pragmatic in terms of garden maintenance and also one which allowed us to learn and develop our paths into becoming gardeners as we were enthusiastic amateurs at best. It was a lovely, creative experience which allowed us to learn and grow with the garden. It led to the introduction of a bog garden with a walkway made of wood reclaimed from the old Falmouth docks. They re-designed our main pond and took away the harsh decking and, invasive ponticum and concrete and replaced it with an organic space with natural stones, granite , a lovely introduction of a pouring stone that took its flow from the stream and a peaceful planting scheme that matured and became a real joy to sit by and reflect. One thing I should say is that Aylwin has a great love of large stones and is fastidious at hunting them out around unexpected places of the County, often buried in farmers’ fields; and he found them at extraordinarily agricultural prices. His passion for all things that look and feel organic and calming and peaceful has seemlessly transferred itself into our garden and our lives.

Beyond the Borders designed a planting scheme for a woodland garden which we had great fun in planting together. They re-landscaped a previously ignored area of lower hillside and designed and helped create a leet pond to re-create what used to be there many years ago and which used to power the mill. We planted trees that cast their shadow over the water and it was a magical place to be. We created new paths all around the property, leading to different places to sit and reflect.

A garden is a special place and Aylwin and Nicky had tremendous empathy for it, and for the path of learning that we wanted to go on. It feels like a journey we have been on very much together, in collaboration and as stewards of a very special place. It has been a huge pleasure to work together. Needless to say, we recommend Beyond the Borders very highly and have thoroughly appreciated being able to work together and being able to create something we all feel so proud of.

Mr & Mrs Deering
Falmouth, Cornwall
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