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Cornish Tudor Farmhouse Courtyard

A beautify Tudor farmhouse, with an enclosed courtyard, with a neighbouring building forming one side of the yard.

There was a possibility of a caped well in the corner, a few cobbles, grass, asphalt and a couple of giant rhododendrons by the gate.

The Brief:
Create an intimate courtyard incorporating the listed walls, reduce the impact of the neighbour’s house and include a water feature. The planting was to be textured, soft foliage; fragrant & architectural and sympathetic to surroundings.


The design:
First of all I explored the capped old well and found under the concrete a beautiful deep well with quality cool water, the well walls were in good order. So this was a must, to restore in the proposed design. The initial design below was to create a circular raised pond in the corner fed by the well. This would break up the dominant external corner of the neighbouring house.Three inter locking cobble spirals from the gate to the corner pond would give a sense of flow and movement to a static courtyard.

I was extremely lucky to source some rare, very old farm yard cobbles from a friend’s court yard which he did not want! They were like pulled teeth descending into a point and must have been hammered into the ground, relaying these were incredibly time consuming, as I found out since I was doing the build. I found on construction that the roots of the Rhododendrons were too close to the surface in places, so we modified the design to two inter locking circles.

When starting building the well and corner pond, I wanted to somehow circulate the water back into the well and came up with the solution of using the granite gullies cut into segments to form the outer edge of the pond, an low point / overflow from one end of the pool, allowed the water to flow into the rill back to its source, creating another sense of circular moment. Sometimes the best innovations happen when you start building.

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