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Urban Garden, Kingswood, Surrey

This property has a large secluded rear garden sloping steeply towards woodland below, with good views from the house.

The Brief: Keep a woodland view /feel from the house and maintain the sight line down towards the lower woodland. With this in mind, create two terraced lawns, which need not be level. Incorporate a summerhouse and a small water future into the design, with access paths on both sides. Very minimal planting was required, basically lawn shapes.

The Design: It was difficult to fight the instinct to make the lawn areas as level as possible, with the first drafts having three terraces, then two but higher retaining walls, which did reduce the sightline. To add to the mix the ground sloped considerably across the garden. The resulting curved retaining walls try to compliment the natural contours and give rather pleasing shapes from various view points.

Before the build:

Before The Build


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