We are available to consult on concerns about your garden. By looking at and taking note of your existing garden we can assess and offer ideas for changes and improvements. You would be given a written report of our findings and suggestions.

Garden Design

During the preliminary site visit we will discuss ideas and requirements for your garden. We work very closely with you to discover your likes and dislikes, and what your garden is used for. We will consider your ideal style and favourite features, plants and colours. You will be sent a summary of our discussion (the client brief) which will include the level of service you desire and confirmation of the design costs.

Site Survey

If you accept the brief, we will arrange a site survey. During the survey , the garden will be mapped and details of soil type, aspect, views, architectural features, building materials and local styles will be taken. The essential character of the site will emerge.

Concept Plan

This is where we provide an initial design concept. A second consultancy visit entails further discussion, where we will present the draft design, and work closely with you to develop it further if necessary.

Garden Presentation Plan

You will be given a coloured, scaled, presentation plan indicating the main details of the design such as hard landscaping structures and architectural planting. Landscaping materials will be chosen for quality, aesthetics and relative association with the site.

Garden Planting Plan

A detailed planting plan is another service we offer, and this will list the recommended plant species and quantities.


The design plans can be used to obtain quotes from contractors. This work can be overseen by the client or the designer as project manager. Project management by the designer entails providing a shortlist of contractors, negotiating quotes, and briefing chosen contractors, and overseeing the build at key stages to ensure quality of work. 'beyond the borders' garden design also provides a full landscaping service.


Sourcing the plants and planting out the garden.

Additional Service: Cataloguing

We undertake comprehensive surveys of gardens recording all plants with names and accession numbers. The location of all the plants with their numbers can be recorded on a grid reference map and metal numbered tags put on all recorded specimens. The combined results can be entered into a database. This follows the system used by botanical gardens to curate their collections.