Portfolio: Cornish Garden

A Tudor farmhouse courtyard, with a possible old capped well in a corner. A few cobbles, grass and asphalt, two old rhododendrons by entrance gate.

The brief: Create an intimate courtyard incorporating the existing listed walls and cobbles; reduce the impact of the neighbouring house gable end; water feature and lighting.

Planting: Textured, soft foliage; fragrant & aromatic; architectural; sympathetic to surroundings.

The original design: Three inter locking cobble spirals, with a circular pond on the corner of the gable end, breaking up this dominant external corner and giving a sense of flow and movement to a static courtyard.

On construction we found Rhododendron roots close to the surface and decided to redesign with only two spirals. On excavation we found a splendid ancient well, capped with a monumental granite slab. We decided to redesign this area, using the well by building a retaining pool on top of the slab, fed by a well pump. Water poured from the retaining pool into a half circular pool which in turn overflowed into a salvaged-granite drainage channel leading back into the well.